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140RU 93

 Torrington bearings 140RU93 

Bearings types


Old types


Dimensions - d
(inside diameter)

Dimensions - D
(outside diameter)

Dimensions - B










Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Place of Origin



BEARING Co.,Ltd focus on Top brand bearings for many years. We have 140RU93 in stock,we export 140RU93 to Europe, America and more countries and areas,

All of our products are original, For more bearing inquiry, please contact with us.

100RU02 100RN02 100RJ02 100RF02 100RT02
100RU33 100RN33 100RJ33 100RF33 100RT33
40RIU130 40RIN130 40RIJ130 40RIF130 40RIT130
40RIU133 40RIN133 40RIJ133 40RIF133 40RIT133
105RU02 105RN02 105RJ02 105RF02 105RT02
105RU32 105RN32 105RJ32 105RF32 105RT32
105RU03 105RN03 105RJ03 105RF03 105RT03
42RIU194 42RIN194 42RIJ194 42RIF194 42RIT194
110RU02 110RN02 110RJ02 110RF02 110RT02
110RU03 110RN03 110RJ03 110RF03 110RT03
45RIU196 45RIN196 45RIJ196 45RIF196 45RIT
120RU30 120RN30 120RJ30 120RF30 120RT30
120RU02 120RN02 120RJ02 120RF02 120RT02
120RU92 120RN92 120RJ92 120RF92 120RT92
120RU03 120RN03 120RJ03 120RF03 120RT03
130RU30 130RN30 130RJ30 130RF30 130RT30
130RU02 130RN02 130RJ02 130RF02 130RT02
130RU92 130RN92 130RJ92 130RF92 130RT92
130RU03 130RN03 130RJ03 130RF03 130RT03
140RU30 140RN30 140RJ30 140RF30 140RT30
140RU51 140RN51 140RJ51 140RF51 140RT51
140RU91 140RN91 140RJ91 140RF91 140RT91
140RU02 140RN02 140RJ02 140RF02 140RT02
140RU92 140RN92 140RJ92 140RF92 140RT92
140RU03 140RN03 140RJ03 140RF03 140RT03
140RU93 140RN93 140RJ93 140RF93 140RT93
150RU51 150RN51 150RJ51 150RF51 150RT51
150RU91 150RN91 150RJ91 150RF91 150RT91
150RU02 150RN02 150RJ02 150RF02 150RT02
150RU92 150RN92 150RJ92 150RF92 150RT92
150RU03 150RN03 150RJ03 150RF03 150RT03
150RU93 150RN93 150RJ93 150RF93 150RT931
60RIU247 60RIN247 60RIJ247 60RIF247 60RIT247
60RIU248 60RIN248 60RIJ248 60RIF248 60RIT248
60RIU249 60RIN249 60RIJ249 60RIF249 60RIT249
60RIU250 60RIN250 60RIJ250 60RIF250 60RIT250
60RIU251 60RIN251 60RIJ251 60RIF251 60RIT251
160RU30 160RN30 160RJ30 160RF30 160RT30
160RU51 160RN51 160RJ51 160RF51 160RT51
160RU91 160RN91 160RJ91 160RF91 160RT91
160RU02 160RN02 160RJ02 160RF02 160RT02
160RU92 160RN92 160RJ92 160RF92 160RT92
160RU03 160RN03 160RJ03 160RF03 160RT03
160RU93 160RN93 160RJ93 160RF93 160RT93
170RU30 170RN30 170RJ30 170RF30 170RT30
170RU51 170RN51 170RJ51 170RF51 170RT51
170RU91 170RN91 170RJ91 170RF91 170RT91
170RU02 170RN02 170RJ02 170RF02 170RT02
170RU92 170RN92 170RJ92 170RF92 170RT92
170RU03 170RN03 170RJ03 170RF03 170RT03
170RU93 170RN93 170RJ93 170RF93 170RT93
180RU51 180RN51 180RJ51 180RF51 180RT51
180RU30 180RN30 180RJ30 180RF30 180RT30
180RU91 180RN91 180RJ91 180RF91 180RT91
180RU02 180RN02 180RJ02 180RF02 180RT02
180RU92 180RN92 180RJ92 180RF92 180RT92
180RU03 180RN03 180RJ03 180RF03 180RT03
190RU30 190RN30 190RJ30 190RF30 190RT30
190RU51 190RN51 190RJ51 190RF51 190RT51
190RU91 190RN91 190RJ91 190RF91 190RT91
190RU02 190RN02 190RJ02 190RF02 190RT02
190RU92 190RN92 190RJ92 190RF92 190RT92
190RU03 190RN03 190RJ03 190RF03 190RT03
200RU30 200RN30 200RJ30 200RF30 200RT30
200RU51 200RN51 200RJ51 200RF51 200RT51
200RU91 200RN91 200RJ91 200RF91 200RT91
200RU02 200RN02 200RJ02 200RF02 200RT02
200RU92 200RN92 200RJ92 200RF92 200RT92
200RU03 200RN03 200RJ03 200RF03 200RT03
210RU51 210RN51 210RJ51 210RF51 210RT51
210RU91 210RN91 210RJ91 210RF91 210RT91
210RU02 210RN02 210RJ02 210RF02 210RT02
210RU92 210RN92 210RJ92 210RF92 210RT92
210RU03 210RN03 210RJ03 210RF03 210RT03
220RU30 220RN30 220RJ30 220RF30 220RT30
220RU51 220RN51 220RJ51 220RF51 220RT51
220RU91 220RN91 220RJ91 220RF91 220RT91
220RU02 220RN02 220RJ02 220RF02 220RT02
220RU92 220RN92 220RJ92 220RF92 220RT92
220RU03 220RN03 220RJ03 220RF03 220RT03
90RIU395 90RIN395 90RIJ395 90RIF395 90RIT395
90RIU396 90RIN396 90RIJ396 90RIF396 90RIT396
90RIU399 90RIN399 90RIJ399 90RIF399 90RIT399
230RU51 230RN51 230RJ51 230RF51 230RT51
230RU91 230RN91 230RJ91 230RF91 230RT91
230RU02 230RN02 230RJ02 230RF02 230RT02
230RU92 230RN92 230RJ92 230RF92 230RT92
230RU03 230RN03 230RJ03 230RF03 230RT03
240RU30 240RN30 240RJ30 240RF30 240RT30
240RU51 240RN51 240RJ51 240RF51 240RT51
240RU91 240RN91 240RJ91 240RF91 240RT91
240RU02 240RN02 240RJ02 240RF02 240RT02
240RU92 240RN92 240RJ92 240RF92 240RT92
240RU03 240RN03 240RJ03 240RF03 240RT03
95RIU430 95RIN430 95RIJ430 95RIF430 95RIT430
250RU51 250RN51 250RJ51 250RF51 250RT51
250RU91 250RN91 250RJ91 250RF91 250RT91
250RU02 250RN02 250RJ02 250RF02 250RT02
250RU92 250RN92 250RJ92 250RF92 250RT92
250RU03 250RN03 250RJ03 250RF03 250RT03
100RIU433 100RIN433 100RIJ433 100RIF433 100RIT433
260RU30 260RN30 260RJ30 260RF30 260RT30
260RU51 260RN51 260RJ51 260RF51 260RT51
260RU91 260RN91 260RJ91 260RF91 260RT91
260RU02 260RN02 260RJ02 260RF02 260RT02
260RU92 260RN92 260RJ92 260RF92 260RT92
260RU03 260RN03 260RJ03 260RF03 260RT03
110RIU473 110RIN473 110RIJ473 110RIF473 110RIT473
280RU30 280RN30 280RJ30 280RF30 280RT30
280RU51 280RN51 280RJ51 280RF51 280RT51
280RU91 280RN91 280RJ91 280RF91 280RT91
280RU02 280RN02 280RJ02 280RF02 280RT02
280RU92 280RN92 280RJ92 280RF92 280RT92
280RU03 280RN03 280RJ03 280RF03 280RT03
300RU30 300RN30 300RJ30 300RF30 300RT30
300RU51 300RN51 300RJ51 300RF51 300RT51
300RU91 300RN91 300RJ91 300RF91 300RT91
300RU02 300RN02 300RJ02 300RF02 300RT02
300RU92 300RN92 300RJ92 300RF92 300RT92
125RIU550 125RIN550 125RIJ550 125RIF550 125RIT550
125RIU551 125RIN551 125RIJ551 125RIF551 125RIT551
320RU30 320RN30 320RJ30 320RF30 320RT30
320RU51 320RN51 320RJ51 320RF51 320RT51
320RU91 320RN91 320RJ91 320RF91 320RT91
320RU02 320RN02 320RJ02 320RF02 320RT02
320RU92 320RN92 320RJ92 320RF92 320RT92
340RU30 340RN30 340RJ30 340RF30 340RT30
135RIU580 135RIN580 135RIJ580 135RIF580 135RIT580
135RIU582 135RIN582 135RIJ582 135RIF582 135RIT582
360RU30 360RN30 360RJ30 360RF30 360RT30
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